“I was runnin’.”

Hey look, another update!

For those that read my update the other day, you know that I’ve been trying to run lately. Mainly to get my heart in better shape, so I can live to at least 35.

I ran some more today, a bit ago.  I ran for a mile straight.  And then I thought “I can do another quarter mile”.

And then I got to 1.25 and thoughts “I can make it to 1.5”. And I did.

And then I thought “2 is only 7.5 more minutes at this pace”.  So I did 2 miles.

Then I shut off Netflix and began bumbling with the streaming music that goes from my Mac to the Blu-ray player hooked up to the TV in front of the treadmill.  (There was a song I wanted to hear.)

Then before I knew it, I was at 2.3 miles.

So I kept going. All the way to 3 miles.

I know what you’re thinking, three miles is that far to run.  But keep in mind that up until 9 days ago I had never in my entire 31.5 years of life ran a mile without stopping.  And today I did three.

Sure, they’re not the fastest miles, and it’s indoors on a treadmill (which is easier than running outside), but I did it.  I pushed myself, and I ran as far as I wanted to go.

I probably could have ran another mile, but I got bored after I shut Netflix off.

The moral of the story is that you can do anything if you have a TV in front of you to distract you how long you’ve been doing it.  Wait. Is that a moral?

I take pictures of the treadmill when I'm done, so I can input the stats into RunKeeper

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