I Remember

I remember climbing the tree in my Grandmother‘s yard every Sunday when we’d go visit her.

I remember going on my first date to the movies, to see Father of the Bride with my first girlfriend when I was 12.

I remember moving out on my own for the first time.

I remember driving back from Long Island with Leeloo for the first time.

I remember some of the oddest things, but I don’t remember where I was going with this when I started.

Sometimes I get into these reflective moods where I look back on life and remember random things.  Tonight seems to be one of those moods.  The strangest things come to mind, for seemingly no reason at all.

It’s raining tonight, but was beautiful and sunny earlier.  I knew I should have taken a walk at lunch when I had the opportunity.  The sky was beautiful and blue, the sun was out, and everything was just right for an afternoon walk.  Now the sky’s grey, the rain is pouring down and the thunder and lightning are doing their thing.  It’s kind of eerie and beautiful, sure, but it’s not the best for taking a walk.

My day’s over, and what a day it’s been.  For a Monday, I was surprisingly busy, though I suppose that’s not bad.  When I’m busy, the day goes by faster than usual.  The afternoon had its moments where I was bored, as usual, but this morning went by in the blink of an eye.

I’m on the couch now, with Commissioner Gordon (the name I gave my new laptop), typing away, watching Friends.  Yes, I named my laptop Commissioner Gordon. It fits in with all my other electronics: Batman (my iPhone), The Dark Knight (my iPad), and Alfred (my desktop Mac).  It only seemed fitting to name this something similar.

It sounds like the rain is letting up now, but I just looked and it’s not.

Most of my recent round of blogging have been focused, and I’ve had a topic to write about. This is the anomaly, which is why it’s really about nothing.  My mind’s all over the place the last week, and I think it’s coming across here.

There’s a Microsoft Surface commercial on now.  I don’t care whether or not it’s the greatest tablet on the face of the earth – I’d never buy one because this commercial is terrible.  It’s the one where they’re all dancing and clapping their keyboard to their Surface tablets.  It’s really stupid, and doesn’t do anything to sell me one of these devices.  Not that I’d ever buy a non-Apple product again anyway. (Go ahead, make your comments about how they’re overpriced and whatever else you want to say.  They’re better, who cares if they cost more.)

I remember Hurricane Gloria. It was the first time I asked my dad something that he didn’t know the answer to.  The power was out for days, and I asked when it’d come back on, and he didn’t know.

I remember the first time my dad brought home a computer for us.  The concept was baffling, and there wasn’t much you could do with it, but all these years later I’m really glad he did, and taught me so much.

I remember high school, probably a bit too well.  It wasn’t the best experience of my life, for sure.

I still don’t remember where I was going with this, though.

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