Sometimes I wish it weren’t wrong or immoral to shame someone for being dumb. I wish it were okay to just sit someone down and say “Look, you did something stupid, just own up to it and let’s move on with life.”

Sometimes I wish people would do that to me. Just slap me upside the head and tell me that something I did was stupid.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if everyone just said what they meant and did what they said?

I’ve been in this perpetual rut for the last month. I won’t get into details about why, but it just seems like everything is going badly. There’s been more downs than ups, and it’s really wearing on me. I truly believe I’m due for a vacation.

Once the home buying process is completely over with and the stress is gone from my life (you know, after we’re settled into the new house), then I need to take some time off to relax a bit. Before I punch something.

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